Calling Gulp Tasks

Last updated 7 months ago

If you need to call an existing Gulp task from Elixir, you may use the task method. As an example, imagine that you have a Gulp task that simply speaks a bit of text when called:

gulp.task( 'speak', function() {
var message = 'Tea...Earl Grey...Hot';
gulp.src( '' ).pipe( shell( 'say ' + message ) );

If you wish to call the speak task from Elixir, use the mix.task method and pass the name of the task as the only argument to the method:

elixir( function( mix ){
mix.task( 'speak' );

Custom Watchers

If you need to register a watcher to run your custom task each time some files are modified, pass a regular expression as the second argument to the task method:

elixir( function( mix ){
mix.task( 'speak', 'tests/**/*.cfc' );