Calling Gulp Tasks

Last updated last month

If you need to call an existing Gulp task from Elixir, you may use the task method. As an example, imagine that you have a Gulp task that simply speaks a bit of text when called:

gulp.task( 'speak', function() {
var message = 'Tea...Earl Grey...Hot';
gulp.src( '' ).pipe( shell( 'say ' + message ) );

If you wish to call the speak task from Elixir, use the mix.task method and pass the name of the task as the only argument to the method:

elixir( function( mix ){
mix.task( 'speak' );

Custom Watchers

If you need to register a watcher to run your custom task each time some files are modified, pass a regular expression as the second argument to the task method:

elixir( function( mix ){
mix.task( 'speak', 'tests/**/*.cfc' );