Deleting Files & Directories

Last updated 7 months ago

You might want to delete some files before, during or after running your build. Since deleting files doesn't work on the file contents, there's no reason to use a gulp plugin within Elixir. You can use the del module which is included in ColdBox Elixir and it supports multiple files and globbing:

Imagine the following file structure:

├── dist
│ ├── report.csv
│ ├── desktop
│ └── mobile
│ ├── app.js
│ ├── deploy.json
│ └── index.html
└── src

In the gulpfile we want to clean out the contents of the mobile folder before running our build:

var del = require( 'del' );
var elixir = require( 'coldbox-elixir' );
elixir( function( mix ){
del( [
// here we use a globbing pattern to match everything inside the `mobile` folder
// we don't want to clean this file though so we negate the pattern
] );
} );