No API changes, but lots of dependency changes. You'll want to remove all node_modules so Elixir can install the needed dependencies and version.

  • Node 16+

  • Webpack 5

  • Node Sass has been removed in favor of Dart Sass

    • Removes Python dependency

    • Removes usages of node-gyp

  • Supports Vue 2 and Vue 3

After the installation, you may notice old Webpack plugins that are no longer needed as of Webpack 5. You may safely remove these.

You will need to tweak your package.json scripts to account for Webpack 5:

    "scripts": {
        "dev": "webpack --node-env development",
        "watch": "npm run dev -- --watch",
        "prod": "webpack --node-env production"

Lastly, we've introduced a new enableDevtools flag that can be used to force devtools in production environments:

const elixir = require("coldbox-elixir");

elixir.enableDevtools = true;

module.exports = elixir(mix => {
    // ...

You do not need to do this for non-production environments. The devtools will be enabled automatically there.


  • Major upgrade to ColdBox Elixir. No longer mirroring Laravel Elixir.

  • All compilation is done through Webpack instead of Gulp.

  • Removed the following methods:

    • mix.less

    • mix.stylus,

    • mix.scripts

    • mix.scriptsIn

    • mix.webpack

    • mix.browserify,

    • mix.rollup

    • mix.version

    • mix.exec

    • mix.task

  • The entire Elixir configuration object has changed. See Configuration Options for details.

  • PostCSS support is now automatic if a postcss.config.js file is found in the project root.

  • The elixir and elixirPath helper functions in ColdBox 5.0.0 and earlier are incompatible with ColdBox Elixir 3.0.0. Please see the Versioning docs for updated helper functions.



  • Travis Support

  • BDD via TestBox fixes

  • Updated all dependencies to latest versions

  • Gulp tasks for compilation, tests and watchers

  • Test App additions for testing direct gulp integrations

  • If not tasks defined in the user's gulpfile, just a message is shown instead of an exception

  • Removed coffeescript support, no longer needed

  • Added new config map for appPaths to support all ColdBox conventions

  • Vueify core support view browserify for Vue.js components

  • Included a new template folder which helps setting up new elixir based projects


  • Initial Port to ColdBox

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