Working With Scripts

You can compile scripts using the mix.js method. It accepts either a single file or an array of files to combine. Each file will be crawled for dependencies by Webpack.

const elixir = require("coldbox-elixir");

module.exports = elixir(mix => {
    ], {
        name: "bootstrap",
        entryDirectory: ""

The second argument to mix.js is a configuration object.

    name: this.withoutExtension(filename),
    outputDirectory: "includes/js/",
    entryDirectory: "resources/assets/js/"

runtime.js and vendor.js

Using mix.js or any methods that depend on it create up to two additional files that you should be aware of: runtime.js and vendor.js. runtime.js is the Webpack runtime and should be included as the first script on your page. Without this script, your other files will fail silently. The vendor.js is comprised of any dependencies pulled from node_modules. This allows your users to keep using the cached vendor.js file even when you change your application code. This file should be included after runtime.js and before any of your application code.

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